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  • Licensed and Insured
  • Certified Electrical Contractor
  • 18 Years Experience
  • Residential - Commercial - Industrial
  • Panel And Service Upgrades

"Here at Optimus Electric Inc. we take pride in our work ethics, professionalism and the ability to give our clients the service they deserve."

Sam Pyefinch - Owner/Operator


Optimus Electric Owner / Operator Sam Pyefinch

Electrical work doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny, when you hire the right electrician, the service you receive is worth every cent you spend. You should know that by attempting to install or repair your own electrical wiring yourself, is not only very dangerous to yourself but those around you. Plus any possible damages or code infractions can add to a much higher cost to your bill and/or possible delays in electrical service. If you must DIY why not hire Optimus Electric to assist you or better have Optimus Electric do it for you.


There’s more to electrical installation than most people tend to think. Did you know that, Optimus Electric is licensed, bonded, insured and trained in all electrical safety, protection, wiring, installation, repair, lighting, construction, and design. Optimus Electric’s electricians are all proficient in all these areas, and are more than capable of executing any related task. If you want to be certain of the quality, extent, and cost of any electrical installation call Optimus Electric, and rest easy that the job will be done right the first time!

Contact us to learn more about our superior services and rates. We at Optimus Electric take great pride in our work and professionalism.

For Professional, Certified Electricans at Affordable Rates - Call: (250) 709-1477 - 24hr Emergency Services Available - 5266 Boal Rd, Duncan, BC V9L 6W3

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